Super Hero Reward Points

Thank you for giving plasma! We consider donors to be super heroes, because they dedicate themselves to helping others.
We believe superheroes should be rewarded for their good deeds. That’s why we have the Super Hero Reward Points program.

These points are in addition to the compensation we provide qualified donors.

What is Super Hero Rewards?

Super Hero Rewards, our donor loyalty program, lets you receive points for each completed donation. The more you donate plasma the more points you receive, and acquire a higher reward level.

How do I become a member of the Super Hero Rewards Program?

Anyone who gives plasma after January 1, 2017 at any Canadian Plasma Resources facility is automatically enrolled as a member of the Super Hero Rewards Program.

How do I earn points?

You earn 100 points each time you donate plasma. You can donate as frequently as once a week earning reward points and moving up in reward levels quickly.

What are the rewards levels?

All donors start at the Orange level and reach higher reward levels as follows: 2500 points or more per year for Silver level; 5,000 or more points per year for Gold level.

What happens with my rewards level at the end of each year?

The program is based on a year (July 1st to June 30th). Your points at the end of each year determine your level.

Do my points ever expire?

Your points will expire at the end of every year (June 30th).

Who will be eligible to receive superhero rewards? ?

At CPR we have two sets of rewards:

1) Monthly draws are open to anyone Super Hero, who has made a donation during that Month;

2) Yearly gifts based on donors Superhero points & levels.

Do I still earn points if I was deferred?

Only donors that are deemed eligible to donate plasma earn points; however, the number of points you earn is independent of the collection volume.

May I transfer my points to someone else?

No. These points are one of the ways that we thank you for saving lives by donating Plasma. They cannot be transferred to another person.

Super Hero Draws & Rewards

2020 Monthly Super Hero Draws


$100 Walmart Gift Card


$100 Walmart Gift Card


$100 Walmart Gift Card

2019-2020 Yearly Super Hero Gifts